Our Team

Alex Roman


Born and raised in Chicago, Alex joined our team almost a decade ago and hasn’t looked back. With something new to do, learn, and see every day, he never tires of coming into work. One of the highlights of Alex’s job is delivering the weekly florals to various hotels and client residences. He loves to see how a lobby or space can change from week to week, and it makes him smile to see hotel guests and clients marvel at the new arrangements.

  • What do you like to do when you’re not at work? I love spending time with my kids! Our favorite things to do are to play video games and go to the park
  • What is your favorite hobby? I love to work on cars and fix them up. I’ll work on my car, a friend’s car, anyones!
  • What is your favorite venue? The Field Museum. It’s so spacious plus you get to see the museum exhibits which is cool.
  • What is your favorite type of flower? Amaryllis.