Our Team

Brian Morgan


Originally from the Western Suburbs of Chicago, Brian grew up with a father who worked as an artist and mechanic. Slowly but surely, he learned how to fix just about everything. After receiving his Fine Art degree from Illinois State University, Brian worked as a fine furniture maker, cabinet maker, and handyman. He was even a head designer at a floral studio at one point. 

When not at work, Brian continues to create. He’s an artist and painter who paints about the people – street vendors, junk collectors, cyclists – and pigeons of Chicago. You can find his work represented in the Jackson Junge Gallery in Bucktown.

  • What is your favorite season? Fall is my favorite time of year. The garden is bursting with food and flowers in full bloom. The temperature is dropping and cool nights return. You can throw on your favorite old coat, take a walk and enjoy the changing colors of the leaves.
  • What are your favorite hobbies? Aside from art and making things in my home studio, I’m an organic gardener and love canoeing, hiking, watching birds, and enjoying nature.
  • What do you like most about your role at HMR? The people of HMR are what make this job so wonderful. Together there isn’t anything we can’t dream up and create.
  • What is your most memorable moment and why? On our first date I led my wife up to the top of an old oak tree that had been struck by lightning. The scar left a perfect seat at the top, but only had room for one. I was swinging around on the top branches and showing off until I grabbed a dead branch and fell a good three stories to the ground. The fall broke my right leg pretty bad. She took me to the hospital and then stayed with me throughout a very long recovery. You could say I fell pretty hard for her, and this year– June 2022– will be our 20th wedding anniversary.