Our Team

Burt Rubenstein

Event Designer

Burt Rubenstein has been creating works of art since he was a young boy. Displaying his creations at the Art Institute of Chicago as a child and designing homes and hotels throughout his career, Burt brings an authentic, deeply rooted artistry to the table. An attorney on paper and designer at heart, Burt has contributed 25 years of experience to his HMR Designs family. Passionate about cultivating happiness for his clients, building relationships and bringing wisdom to fruition, Burt blends a unique sense of fun and focus into each design endeavor he embarks on.

Recent Work

  • What inspires you? The energy of people around me.
  • What have been the most rewarding moments with HMR Designs? Where do I begin? Designing my daughter’s wedding, my son’s wedding and my brother’s children’s weddings… being able to bring beauty and happiness on such a special day to the ones I love has been incredibly priceless and rewarding to me.
  • Describe your work environment. Energizing, inspiring, intense and team building.