Our Team

Jason Williquette

Event Designer

Jason was born and raised in the south suburbs of Chicago where he and his mother spent time in her beautiful, spacious gardens.  At a young age, he started to help out in his aunt’s flower shop where he made his first boutonnieres and corsages by the time he was eight. He was constantly surrounded by floral, so you could almost say he was born into this business! After college and a short time living in Japan, he started work in a small floral shop and slowly but surely got addicted to the beauty of the wedding and event world. Throughout his career, he has built a wedding and design firm from the ground up, designed countless weddings, and cultivated his passion for ethereal floral arrangements. Now, with over 15 years of professional design experience, he is thrilled to be joining the team at HMR Designs.

Recent Work

  • What are your favorite floral elements to design with? I would call myself a lush English garden designer, so I really love anything with an abundance of texture like hybrid delphinium or snapdragons. I always say my signature in an arrangement is very linear textural components - so anything that fits that bill tends to become my favorite!
  • What inspires you? I'm constantly in awe of ephemeral beauty. I learned there is a phrase in Japanese, "ichi go, ichi e" which roughly translates as "we have only this one moment". I try to live that every day.
  • What other industries do you find to be the most inspiring? Fine dining and restaurants are always inspiring to me. I think it is an art how masters pair the harmony of the senses, like taste and smell, wine pairings, and visual components with the composition of a plate of food.
  • What's a fun fact about you? I love corgis! The Queen's dogs and their stubby little legs... I have two myself, Gwen and Arthur!