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Jen Demuth

Jen DeMuth

Assistant Floral Studio Manager

Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, Jen moved to Chicago eager to put her Masters in Performance and Choreography to use as a professional dancer. In doing so, her career path spanned a variety of roles within the retail and hospitality industries eventually leading her to floral design. Joining the HMR team in 2012, Jen parlayed her talents of visual sculpting and botanical prowess into that of our Daily Floral Designer. Soon after, she transitioned to the role of Assistant Floral Studio Manager where she continues to create custom arrangements while attending to the overall needs of our vivacious Floral Studio.

  • What do you like to do when you’re not at work? I’m usually chasing around my very energetic 3.5 year old son and 13 month old daughter. They are the cutest little things - ever!
  • What inspires you? My kids, my family, my co-workers, nature, and dance.
  • What would you be doing if you weren’t a floral designer? If I wasn’t a floral designer, I would be a biological broadfield scientist. I’d spend my days out in nature, in the fields, digging in the dirt and solving world hunger with microorganisms.
  • What is your favorite flower? How much time do you have? How do you just have one favorite?! Right now I am loving Bearded Iris. They come in hundreds of colors and the textures of the fluttery petals look like fairy skirts blowing in the wind.
  • What is a fun fact about you? I am a professional dancer.
  • What are five words to describe your energy? Loud, crazy, hard-working, creative, and positive.