Our Team

Jen Guard

Event Designer

Growing up on her family farm in Indiana, Jen followed her passion for all things green to Purdue University, where she studied horticulture. After relocating to Chicago, she entered into the world of events, creating beautiful weddings for two years prior to a short stint in insurance. Jen is over the moon to be back in the design industry and looks forward to working with clients to bring their visions to life. 

In her free time, you can find Jen out at the lake reading a good book in the sunshine, at home with her beloved cat and fiancé, or planning her own wedding for September 2024!

  • What inspires you? Definitely nature. There's something so enchanting about the way flowers bloom and trees sway in the breeze. It's like poetry in motion!
  • What do you like most about your role at HMR? My role at HMR allows me to bridge the gap between the dream of the event and the real thing. I love seeing it all come together in the end.
  • Who is your design icon? The husband and wife duo of Waterlily Pond, Natasha Lisitsa and Daniel Schultz, have been my design icons for a while now. I had the incredible opportunity to work with them on the "Hope Stems" activation while at Purdue. They were the ones to introduce me to a whole new realm of floral design possibilities that kicked off my floral career.
  • What are your favorite flowers? I love Clematis. They remind me of my grandparents' house -- they always had them growing up a lamp post in front of their house.