Our Team

Larissa Schroeder

Floral Artistic Director

Larissa’s career in floral design began young, blissfully getting her start at the age of twenty as a graduate of Harrington College of Design. Having collaborated closely with inspiring mentors such as Jeff Leatham on Oprah and Max Vande Sluis with Life 3, she developed a unique European-infused aesthetic. She designs with a genuine curiosity for the Earth’s beauty and the energy of cityscapes, and incorporates the dynamic depth of both in her wonder-filled work. Larissa considers herself fortunate to have a career that she thoroughly loves and cherishes the joy and creative freedom she finds each day within the HMR Designs doors.

  • Where do you derive your creative inspiration from? 100% nature. I grew up on a farm in the woods, so nature is my church. And I’m lucky that I get to head home quite often, I can soak it all up.
  • What's your favorite thing about HMR? I love that every day is different. With so many orders from so many different places not once has a day ever felt repetitive. There’s always a push for more creativity, or new challenges, and lots of surprises.
  • Can you offer readers any every-day floral advice? Don’t overwater orchids! Everyone fusses over them but the truth is they need very little care. This may be the number one question I get when I’m out and about, ‘How do I care for my orchid?’ So many people just overdo it, they really don’t need much. They’re tropical so they thrive in humid environments, an aspect not everyone can control in their home. Just keep them in sunlight, add water every now and then, and leave them be.
  • How do you spend your free time? I’m outside as much as possible. I love heading back to my family’s place in Indiana, there’s a beautiful lake there which is where I like to find myself when I have the time.