Our Team

Rick Wroble

Assistant Floral Manager

Rick is a Chicago native who has spent his entire life in the city. His first experience within floral design was in 1991, where he worked as a flower retailer before soon becoming a floral manager. After garnering more experience within the industry, Rick became the studio manager for Heffernan Morgan, the company that would soon become HMR Designs. His knowledge and intuitive knack for floral design and management helped blossom HMR for fifteen years. Rick briefly stepped away from the industry to pursue other passions until coming back to the HMR team in 2021. Now the Assistant Studio Manager, Rick has been an instrumental part of maintaining the smooth operation of HMR’s floral department. 

  • How do you spend your free time? I love spending time with my close friends at a good restaurant with great food and cocktails.
  • What are your favorite flowers? Currently orchids are my favorite flower because I see so many unique varieties of them at work!