Our Team

TW Baker

Event Designer

TW Baker joins the team having earned his BFA in Drawing & Painting + BA in Advertising/Public Relations from Loyola University Chicago. Along with his creative-focused education, TW has exercised his talents designing balloon-scapes, floral arrangements, decor, and backdrops. TW embraces color, diverse textiles, and draws inspiration via his love of fashion. 

Having over 10 years of living in Chicago under his belt has helped him understand venues around the city, big and small. His personal passion for hosting dinner parties, interior design and fashion help drive his passion for event design and push him to challenge his creativity daily.

  • What inspires you? I’m inspired by any kind of design around me. Bold colors, unique pattern play, a mural in the city, it all sparks inspiration to bring into my next event, design or outfit.
  • What's your favorite place in the world? London is my favorite city. I studied abroad there and I absolutely love the effortlessly cool nature of the fashion, culture and people.
  • Describe your style in 5 words. Colorful, Eclectic, Classic, Vintage and a little bit Preppy.
  • What's your favorite spot for a night out in Chicago? The Whistler, a cute, Brooklyn-esque bar in Wicker Park that has a different music vibe every night.