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Where wedding receptions often rely on elaborate, lush floral to pull in the beauty of a room and captivate guests, corporate celebrations and personalized mitzvahs count on custom art to achieve a similar goal.
Whether it be a name, a mission, or perhaps an accomplishment, they look to us to showcase these things in innovative, eye-catching ways. Oftentimes, this means going beyond graphics alone.


In our Art Department, when a rendering or floor plan begins its transformation into a 3-D reality, results are achieved on a made-to-order basis. Often employed for its light weight and versatility, foam core is a staple in our world, and a material with which our team never fails to impress.
The experience of our team allows for splendid creations because they are familiar with and understand how to manipulate materials like foam core effectively.

Let’s follow the foam that played a major role in a monumental corporate shindig on a journey from sheet to structure.

The goal was for the company’s steadfast principles–expressed in the individual words they felt were closely tied to 75 years of success–to serve as focal points throughout the space. The letters were constructed first, each one nearly 3 feet tall and finished with a metallic sheen.



In order to make it possible for the chosen words (“growth,” “innovation,” etc.) to be replaced with the word “success” following a celebratory toast, the individual letters were then attached to custom-made inserts. The foam provided ease of mobility, allowing for a seamless transition.


IMG_2093The inserts were designed to perch above focal arrows, each nearly sixteen feet long and pointing down to culinary delights below. As with the letters, the arrows were constructed with the aid of a custom tool, comprised of multiple exacto blades bound together to assist in scoring, and endearingly referred to as “the claw.”


After being traced, cut, scored, and folded, holes were drilled in each arrow to accommodate illumination.
Because of the cantilevered design, the interior of the arrows needed to be strategically outfitted with weights, but the light weight of the foam core simplified this process significantly.

custom signage HMR Designs art department

Kent Drake Photography
Kent Drake Photography

In the end, the signs looked first-rate, and grew more striking as the Great Hall at Union Station gave way to the darkness of  a clear spring night. Hats off to our Art Department, which will surely only continue to find new ways to innovate.

Kent Drake Photography
Kent Drake Photography
Kent Drake Photography
Kent Drake Photography
Kent Drake Photography

As always, it’s our pleasure to work alongside our partner vendors to make these events as fantastic as they are:

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