All Decked Out

Here we are again with the holiday season in full swing. Perhaps you have been agonizing over the perfect gift for a partner or painstakingly planning the holiday menu that dreams are made of, and maybe you find yourselves, at times, a bit harried. All of us here at HMR Designs encourage you to pause, breathe, and remember to take in the beauty of the season.

Exclusive holiday decor by HMR for The Trump International Hotel and Tower, Chicago. Photo courtesy of Eric Kleinberg

Regardless of holiday stress, most people would agree that the festive, elaborate, and extensive nature of holiday decor always helps put you in the holiday spirit. Who doesn’t appreciate the warmth they feel inside while entering a lobby adorned with a giant, gilded indoor tree, or standing before a simply perfect window display while shopping? It is, after all, the way that the whole city and neighborhoods all around are all dressed up that makes the season itself a celebration.


Our floral studio has been abuzz with a multitude of holiday projects, so let’s take a moment to catch up with Larissa Schroeder, our weekly floral design manager, about some season-specific plants and flowers that can help get you into the spirit.

The great thing about a lot of these plants is that many of them are long-lasting and not holiday specific, just seasonally appropriate. Have a look at as these miniature Cypress trees, a favorite of Larissa’s. They are fragrant, festive, and undeniably adorable. Pair them with a metallic vase or container for a clean, chic look.

Miniature Cypress trees in metallic containers

Another winter favorite of Larissa’s is Red Ilex Berries. These berries work so well for the season because they, too, are long-lasting, and also because they are super versatile. Larissa often pairs them with boxwood, adds them to arrangements for a splash of festive color, and also removes them from the branch, after which they can be used in a variety of ways, such as floating them in water with some candles for a bright, lively centerpiece.

Red Ilex berries, on the branch and off.

Stark, beautiful birch branches are another great winter accent. They look great with simple, clean whites. Birch bark can also be wrapped around a vase or container to give an arrangement a more rustic look.

Rustic loveliness: birch branches and bark.

Larissa also loves adding pomegranates to arrangements for a lovely touch of natural texture and color. These ruby fruits also look fabulous in bowls, vases, or clear glass cylinders like the ones below.

Pomegranates: delectable and decorous.

Two more charming hibernal options are amaryllis and frosted ferns. Amaryllis come in a variety of festive colors, and their huge, rapidly-growing blooms are fun to watch open up for weeks. White-tipped frosted ferns are a simple, fun winter plant that look great with silver or gold.

Amaryllis and frosted ferns.

So, amidst all of your holiday preparations, errands, and projects, don’t forget to enjoy the most decked-out season of all. Pressed for time? Not sure where to begin?  Call HMR today and let us create the perfect seasonal array of flowers or plants for you.

On behalf of everyone at HMR Designs, we wish you a warm and peaceful holiday season.