Delightful Divisibility

Flowers can be a lot like words.
They help us to express ourselves. The right ones can warm our souls.
There is often the perfect one for an occasion, and we just have to find it.

While words can be powerful on their own, they often come together quite beautifully with others.
We can’t help but feel the same is true of flowers.

One of the joys of working with flowers is that there are (practically) infinite varieties, and (absolutely) infinite ways of combining them beautifully. A well-known quote from Aristotle says, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, and while we tend to agree with him, we thought it would be fun to see the parts that make up one truly enticing “whole,” designed by Rishi Patel.

Rich colors and varied textures abound in Rishi’s selection of the major players:labeleb parts COL

The beautiful integration of the elements yields vivid and distinct results :


Thanks to nature for giving us flowers, and to Rishi and the team for putting them together beautifully.

Photograph from the Peninsula compliments of Fandl Photography for HMR Designs.