Wedding and Event Planners in Chicago

For many, their wedding is the happiest day of their life. This is true not only because of the celebration of love and partnership, but also for the energy invested in the day itself, the breathtaking décor, ambiance, and myriad other elements that come together to make it such a memorable day.

When local couples begin their search for Chicago Wedding planners and event designers, they’re investing in their memories. At HMR, we’re immensely proud of the fact that our wedding planners work together to design and create the most breathtaking weddings here in Chicago, and beyond. We know there is a plethora of options, and it’s always a true honor to be chosen to help give people the wedding day of their dreams. We strive to avoid the ordinary in order to create truly unique environments that live on as memories forever.


In addition to weddings, HMR Designs brings the same level of quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and seamless execution to celebrations for any and every occasion. The very best Chicago event planners place full trust in our designers to continuously raise the bar. Our event planners in Chicago have abundant experience turning moments into memories, and take great pride in the fact that no two events are ever the same.

The HMR Designs team is made up of a diverse group of skilled artisans, all incredibly adept in the execution of extraordinarily memorable events of any size. Our creative talent includes event designers and producers who bring your vision to life in full color, our 3D art producers and graphic designers who showcase you or your brand; and our carpentry, sewing, and fabric teams who create custom environmental elements. Our world class floral design team breathes life and beauty into your celebration, and our unique collection of custom decor, props and luxe furniture collections at your fingertips complete the atmosphere. The integration of these elements makes an impression that will last a lifetime.

Event Designers for Non Profit Organizations and Celebrities

The HMR Designs team also brings the same level of artistry and care to charitable and corporate event design as they do for private functions. Working beside non profit event planning companies, we transform ideas into atmospheres. Whether for a holiday celebration or momentous corporate milestone, the intimacy, energy and individuality of every occasion drives our design.

Clients seeking celebrity event planners and cutting edge designs find the quality of our craftsmanship and service to exceed their expectations. Whether for corporate events, non profit groups, organizations or individuals, our clients have all rightfully come to expect truly magnificent results.