Fleurs De Villes: Behind the Scenes

It’s no secret that we pride ourselves in every bloom and branch that leaves our studio, so when we took home not one but two awards at the first stateside Fleurs De Villes competition, it was a flattering verification of our dedicated design efforts. The costumed floral event had a smattering of our artisans working round-the-clock to present our best and brightest in botanical haute couture, a challenge we had yet to tackle but were eager to take on, (read more about our creative process for FDV here). Upon receiving our designated mannequin, we had just a handful of days to prep and produce her bloom-based ensemble, a task that required late nights, early mornings, and a lot of floral finesse. From the delicately hand-placed orchids to the construction of that show-stopping bow, nearly every HMR florist played a part in the completion of our extravagant pièce de résistance. And while we often say it takes a skilled team to present the products that we do, it’s rare that we get to show you. Until now. Take a look below at the craftsmanship behind the pretty, and get a glimpse into how this award-winning work of art was created, start to finish.

Special thanks to 900 North Michigan Shops for hosting a spectacular show and to our corporate partner, Modern Luxury Weddings.