The Forest for the Trees

The event industry is very much the business of building: building on visions, building up ideas, and of course building the events themselves. While we might also be very much in the business of breaking things down, it is the build-up that we most want to share.
However, as we share our fully built, completely magnificent final products, we can’t help but see them for their individual parts. So this week, we are going to do a little breaking down of the things that we so artfully have built up.

We can’t think of a better affair to break down than this elaborate and highly ornate celebration at the Four Seasons–another successful collaboration with Paulette Wolf Events and Entertainment. With designs heavily inspired by Carmen Miranda and her vibrant, fruit-centric aesthetic, this party completely transformed the Grand Ballroom and foyer into a tropical wonderland.

L to R: The Grand Ballroom at the Four Seasons. image courtesy of of; all dressed up-photo courtesy of Kent Drake Photography

Drenching the room with vivid light was imperative to creating the exotic mood. Custom lighting environments and richly detailed graphics, created in house by our graphic, art, and fabrication teams came together in perfect harmony. Fringe surrounds and banquettes–custom-built by HMR, provided inviting lounge areas for guests to relax and enjoy their enchanting surroundings.

No detail forgotten…Photo courtesy of Kent Drake Photography.

In order to transport guests into the tropics as they entered the Four Seasons, an entirely new facade was built by HMR in our production studio using over one thousand stalks of bamboo adorned with handmade, flower-feathered tropical birds as well as pineapples–each with hundreds of hand-pinned sunflowers.

Floral-adhering at its finest…
Paradise found…Photos courtesy of Kent Drake Photography.

Real oranges, supplemented with 5,400 custom foam replicas, were used to embellish sleek walls, and 400 foam bananas were used to assemble whimsical chandeliers.

Images courtesy of Kent Drake Photography
A glimpse into the production studio.

At last, the candy: 277 pounds total were used in production. From a distance, these giant orbs appeared as lollipops accentuating the room. Upon closer view, though, the impressive and intricate details surface: these foam balls were adorned with hand-glued licorice, gum balls, and gummy bears—4,000 individual bears to be exact.

 These candied topiaries were the perfect punctuation for the custom sweets table.


So, next time you find yourself traipsing around a dazzling gala or gripped by the beauty of a tremendous wedding, remember that such effortless execution comes from top-notch teams making sure that each piece–be it a banana or a gummy bear– finds its perfect place.

Thanks again to Paulette Wolf Events and Entertainment, Frost Chicago and Kent Drake Photography.

It’s truly our pleasure to work with such dynamic teams to create extraordinary results.