Going into Details: Furniture & Decor We Love

While furniture and decor doesn’t go unnoticed, when it comes to the final product of our work, it is often the big picture that’s taken in by attendees: the color palette, the striking repetition of a chandelier or ceiling shade, that overall fresh and polished feel of a temporarily transformed space. And that’s exactly what they should do; that’s how we know it’s been done well.

The W Lakeshore, transformed for a Mitzvah with Great Events Chicago. Photo by Kent Drake Photography.
The Winter Garden at Harold Washington Library, transformed into a European Piazza for a wedding with LOLA Event Productions. Photo by Kent Drake Photography.
Luxe furniture groupings created a polished, residential feel for a tented wedding with Paulette Wolf Events. Photo by Fandl Photography.

But to see an event through the eyes of its designers reveals a consideration for the forest and the trees. Every sofa and fabric panel, every side table and pillow, every vessel and votive represents a choice that was made with a consideration for myriad factors.

Carefully selected florals, vessels, and lighting, impeccably arranged, came together beautifully for a wedding with Jamie Boton. Photo by Phil Farber Photo Images.
The sum of all of the many parts. Coordination by Jamie Boton. Photo by Phil Farber Photo images.
A closer look at the modern, elegant decor for a Trump Chicago wedding. Photo by Kent Drake Photography.
Photo by Kent Drake Photography at Trump Hotel Chicago.

As parties are born, our design team zooms in from the top of a room to the top of each table, stopping exactly everywhere in between. In doing so, they must also regularly access an updated and comprehensive mental inventory of our eclectic collection of furnishings and decor elements.

Just as this collection is ever-changing, so too are their favorite items. We checked in with a few members of our design team to find out which pieces are currently at the top of their lists.

With their clean lines and simple elegance, our gold hexagon hurricanes are currently tops for Event Designer Brittanie Ahrens. The hexes are fun alternative to cylinder hurricanes, and pair wonderfully with mixed metals, wood and color.

Hexagon Hurricanes with bold splashes of color atop mirrored tabletops at the Field Museum. Photo by Kent Drake Photography.
emilia jane photography hexagon hurricane
Simply elegant accents for a rehearsal dinner with Birch Design Studio. Photo by Emilia Jane Photography.

Similar to its glass cousin, our gold wire hurricane is another fun vessel for floral and illumination.

Gold accents create a unique centerpiece for cocktail hour at the Museum for Broadcast Communication. Photo by Kent Drake Photography.
Croc tabletops and elegant gold and white decor at the Museum for Broadcast Communication. Photo by Kent Drake Photography.

For Event Producer Kelsey Wojtasiak, our white marble bud vases are a delightful addition to any tabletop, and refreshing change from regular glass. Kelsey loves how the variety in heights adds depth and creates interest.

Marble Bud Vases from HMR Designs.
Marble bud vases at CS Modern Luxury’s Evening of Bridal Luxury at the Ritz-Carlton Chicago.
Wonderfully vibrant spring wedding decor for the CS Modern Luxury’s Evening of Bridal Luxury.

Event Producer Staci Miller feels that our moulded bar is a wonderful addition to any cocktail hour. Sleek and versatile, this piece works in a wide variety of spaces, and bathed in rich light becomes a beacon for thirsty guests.

The eye-catching moulded bar summons guests to fetch a drink at an event at Cinespace Studios with Jewell Events Catering and Frost Chicago. Photo by Fandl Photography.

Wonderfully fun cocktailing at Cinespace Studios with Jewell Events Catering and Frost Chicago. Photo by Fandl Photography.
Chartreuse tinted and accented with gold, the bar brings the room together at the Museum of Broadcast Communication. Photo by Kent Drake Photography.

As you can see, it’s every kind of element that leads to such beautiful end results. So, next time you find yourself at an event enjoying a cocktail, take a step back, take in all of the pieces large and small, and know that every combination and every detail is absolutely by design.


Thanks to Brittanie, Kelsey and Staci for sharing their favorites, and to Kent Drake and Cindy Fandl for letting us see our work through their lens.