HMR Inspiration Report: Interiors // January, 2021

Behind the scenes at HMR Designs, our team is constantly ideating + creating.

Inspiration is everywhere. Although our bi-weekly design meetings have long gone virtual, our collective continuance to dream, cultivate and curate forever keeps us creatively stimulated. 

To that effect we wanted to share what is keeping us inspired, monthly, with YOU. 

Enter the “HMR Inspiration Report” – with this inaugural month’s topic of “Interiors,” as it’s no secret that we are all taking a little extra stock of our own spaces these days. 

HMR’s CEO Rishi Patel takes solace in engulfing himself in deep, moody color palettes. 

“Whether a study, bedroom, entry or powder room, deep hues immediately transport to a place of mystery and delight.  Spaces that truly captivate are those which are statements in themselves.  Perhaps what is most striking about modern and moody design is the unique ability to be minimal, capitalizing on one focal pattern, texture or accent piece, be it furniture, art or even a rug.  Scouring art from unique artists makes spaces unique and awe inspiring.”   

Chief Creative Officer Bill Heffernan believes fantastic backgrounds with flair and simplicity set the stage for well curated and minimalist furnishings.  I want to keep designing backgrounds that envelope and define the celebration or dinner or any other gathering. It is a true breakout sensibility.  Make the space the star, and the rest can be simple. Gorgeous crown molded walls + unique wainscoting variations can achieve a very rich look.

For those of you who know Event Designer Natalie Walsh, you will not be surprised by her oh-so-eloquent love for the ever inspiring design style of MAXIMALISM (to be written in ALL CAPS, always).

“Maximalism is what makes my jaw drop and my heart flutter these days. I LIVE for vibrant colors and layers of gorgeous textiles that play on pattern and scale, mixed with tailored, crisp, high gloss moldings, and statement artwork. I love the level of escapism the style can create, and how many directions it can be taken in. I love the magic of stepping into a space that immediately consumes you and poetically transports you to another place, another time. Life at home needs to be an adventure more than ever, a storyline of who we’re becoming, personal comfort wrapped in a beautiful bow of what makes us feel vibrant and alive.”

Event Designer Burt Rubenstein believes that good interior design starts with a neutral palette of quality staples. “We like to keep our primary pieces like the couch and chairs neutral so that we can come in with unique artwork, curtains or lighting in a vivid or bold style reflecting what is inspiring us currently. When style or inspiration strikes and we want to change things up, our costly pieces remain, ready to accept what is new and fun in the market without another large expenditure.”

Event Designer Bari Singh has continued her familial trend of unique vintage upcycling:

“My mom and I spent summer weekends with a hit list of local homes’ garage sales. My early eye focused on toys and games while in high school I searched for vintage clothing and jewelry. By the time I was moving to University, I couldn’t get enough used furniture to fill my first home-away-from-home.

I’ve found myself returning to upcycling (2021 buzzword!) during the pandemic. Every Sunday, I look through my estate sales app, check the local auction house, and peruse Craigslist. Still itching to style and play, working with used pieces satisfies a myriad of needs. It gives discarded items a new life and provides a budget-friendly way to focus creativity – painting, reupholstering, rewiring, reconfiguring.  Mixing pre-owned purchases with contemporary counterparts offers a unique, fun and personal look to a home, while establishing a space filled with personal inspiration.”

Marley Finnegan, Director of Sales + Partnerships, is inspired by colorful, hand-painted murals + unique color blocking in the home. The term “radical optimism” is being popularized in the design world as people continue to turn inward and seek beauty + brightness in opposition to so much of the news. Bringing colorful and multi-tonal one-of-a-kind uniqueness to your space can spark joy and add value – and can always be painted over when/if you’re ready for a change. 

This past fall, Event Designer David Esptein and his family spent a week “quarantining” with dear friends at their newly built home in the North Woods of Door County, WI. With the paint barely dry, the gorgeous modern home became a blank canvas for finishing touches. Dramatic two-story windows and an explosion of fall colors inspired a connection to nature and a desire to bring organic outdoor elements in with a stylized twist.

Says David, “There are endless possibilities when combining natural wood, paint + graphic elements. The wood tones have a natural, calming feel. A pop of unexpected color can add interest and energy. With the talent of HMR’s carpentry and art departments, I’d love to pull some of these concepts into future projects.”

Event Designer Jessica Griffin Pfluegl also is feeling into the natural aesthetics of elevated wood, but in a more residential way:

“White Oak’s wood tone is beautiful and can be worked into so many different design aesthetics. It is effortless yet elegant and will stand the test of time. Pairing with with black and white finishes creates a neutral decor style that has dimension, style and personality. It can be accented with a variety of metals which makes it even more versatile.”

So, whether you are looking to make small or large changes to your home this winter or upcoming spring season, we hope one or more of these directions garnered a little bit of at-home inspiration for you, too.

Until next month, when we share our February Forecast: Favorite Color Stories For 2021.