Holiday Decor: Tips from our Experts

Photo by Kent Drake Photography.
Photo by Kent Drake Photography.

As the temperatures drop and we prepare for yet another holiday season, foyers, tables, and trees are expected to pop with festive adornments and delights. Of course our floral department is always on hand to dream up something spectacular for your home (psst you can order from us here) but for those who who have yet to break out their garlands this winter, we’re offering up our fail-proof decor tips that will leave guests – or just you! – feeling prepped for merriment. Whether you’re celebrating a holiday or just looking for a little inspiration, we asked our designers to spill their best (and easiest) holiday tips for the taking. Here’s what they had to say:

Don’t be afraid to keep it simple, focusing on one element offers a dazzling effect. Candles are a great example. Fill your table with clusters of them for a warm, dramatic centerpiece substitute.

Pine is the natural gift that keeps on giving. Buy a bundle (or cut from your own yard if you have it!) to add a seasonal scent to any room.

Play with your food! Pomegranates, red apples, oranges and pears all make for festive focals. Fill oversized bowls with one or all of these seasonal beauties and voila!

Blooming bulbs are always a special treat this time of year, amaryllis or paper white narcissus plants are the highlight of the season and they can be used anywhere throughout the home.

Bring a textural element to your decor with miniature pine tips or cones, throw in some cinnamon sticks for added fragrance.

Photo by: Carasco Photo
Photo by: Carasco Photo

Mix your metals! Be it plate or flatware, have fun with accessories. This is the perfect time of year to introduce a variety of metallics to any setting. From warm gilded touches to striking silver accents, either and all make for complimentary design contrasts.

Work with your personal style.  When decorating your tree, for example, start with a collection of basic ornaments that compliment the desired color scheme and aesthetic. For a really personalized look, layer with curated pieces. It’s always so exciting to unwrap ornaments that have been collected over the years. Plus incorporating photos or trinkets from places you’ve traveled make great conversation pieces for visitors.”

Get creative with foliage and add easy seasonal elements to your tablescape. Dried leaves and branches make effortless decor accents in a pinch. From centerpiece details (just place them right down the middle of your table!) to plating touches, bring the best of your yard indoors.”

Ornaments are not just for your tree anymore! Purchase a handful (we love the classic ball and cone shapes) of inexpensive options and fill spare vases for fun holiday accents throughout any room.

And lastly:

There’s no need to spend a fortune on holiday decor. Remember that nature’s beauty is just outside your door and it offers an abundance of alluring things for you to gather and bring indoors.  Evergreens, cones, and colored branches can be your best bet for that home-spun, warm feeling of the holidays.