Love In All Seasons

While there is nothing quite like a wedding complete with the warm, easy-going breeze of a summer night or the fresh, renewing air of a spring afternoon, there is a charm and comradery to cold weather nuptials that warms us in a wholly different way. It is during this time of year when things slow down that it is that much more important to have a reason to warm things up.
A lantern warms an aisle at an autumn wedding by HMR DesignsSo, while Midwesterners need not be reminded of the sometimes arduous weather to come, it is important to remember that there’s still a lot to love about the cold months ahead. And while many of our brides and grooms tend to favor the balmy heat over frigid cold, fall weddings actually happen in greater numbers than spring ones.

Rich, bold winter bouquets and dresses. Floral by HMR Designs
Deep amethyst dresses provide a perfect backdrop for these radiant winter bouquets.

A lover of autumn and winter floral, Designer Jessica Griffin Pfluegl, a winter bride herself, shares some of the appeal of a cold weather wedding.

Atmospherically speaking, there is something inherently romantic about creating a cozy, intimate haven where guests can come together. Jessica loves how fall and winter weddings beg for rich tones, warm lighting and lush floral. It’s truly a great opportunity to really transform a space.

Beth Insalaco Photography. Coordination by Hope Weis.
Kent Drake Photography. Coordination by LK Events. The Ivy Room.
Julia Franzosa Photography. Coordination by Estera Events. Bridgeport Arts Center Skyline Loft.
Photography by Kent Drake. The Ivy Room
Casino Club Winter Wedding by HMR Designs
Photography by Tay. Casino Club Chicago.

Florally speaking, she loves to incorporate fruit, berries and other seasonal foliage into her designs.

Gorgeous fall floral by HMR Designs
Fandl Photography. Coordination by Bliss Weddings and Events.
Winter wedding by HMR Designs
T and S Hughes Photography.

Ilex berries and place cards. HMR Designs

A gorgeous fall arrangement by HMR Designs

Gorgeous lush winter floral at the Ivy Room by HMR Designs
Kent Drake Photography.

Visually speaking, Jessica also loves the deep, rich color palettes that work so beautifully in colder months. It’s a chance to use bolder, more robust colors, which also speak well to romance.

Bold, rich winter floral by HMR Designs
Kent Drake Photography. Cafe Brauer.


Casino Club Chicago winter wedding by HMR Designs
Fandl Photography. Casino Club Chicago.

Perhaps one of the best parts of cold weather celebrations, though, is their infrequency. People like the idea of this type of celebration during a time where they get out much less. This, and your guests attending less weddings, will make them even more excited for something to celebrate.

So, with Autumn in full swing, soon to give way to frigidity and snow, remember that within every season lies something to celebrate.

Winter bouquet of greens by HMR Designs
Kent Drake Photography.

Thanks to Jessica for her contributions, and all of our fabulous vendor partners for making these weddings as lovely as they were.