Meet the Producer: Caroline Everette


There are quite a few moving parts behind the magic at HMR Designs, and one of the many integral roles here belong to that of the Event Producer. Designers dream up beautiful concepts and our back of house team create the pieces needed for those concepts to come to life. But it’s the Event Producer that put all the details in their place to ensure your dream wedding or stunning fundraiser goes on without a hitch. We recently sat down with Caroline, one of our talented producers, to discuss how she ended up at HMR, what her most memorable event is and how she spends her free time when she’s not on site. Read on to hear more about this yogi’s personal design style and more.

How did you end up at HMR?

I was first introduced to the company in college when I worked for an event planner and she used HMR for a gala we produced. Since then it’s always been on my radar, mostly because of social media. I began following the designs as an admirer (Editor’s note: If you don’t follow our Instagram, @hmrdesigns, you should!) which eventually led me to send in my resume.  I’m pretty sure we weren’t hiring at the time, but I was ready for a career change and soon enough I got a call from HR.

What kind of events are your favorite to collaborate on?

The weddings are so beautiful and special, but my favorite productions are with our corporate clientele. Understandably they’re a bit more willing to take risks and push the design barrier. Those kind of events are consistently ever-changing, it allows us to have freedom to play with more bold choices which is always fun.

What’s the first thing you do when you arrive at work?

I fill up my water bottle and raise my standing desk. I try to start my day on my feet, though it usually comes down by the afternoon.  And then, of course, I start organizing emails and make my to do list for the day.

What’s the most memorable event you’ve contributed to?

We did this really fun casino themed event for a corporate client at Morgan Manufacturing. Fringe chandeliers and deep red hues filled the space for a swanky, warm feel. There were roulette tables, professional dealers; just a very chic and interactive environment. I loved working on it, there were so many creative ideas put into action.

And the proudest moment of your career?

One of our designers had four weddings in one weekend. And a few of those had rehearsal dinners the night before and brunches the following day! Our schedule was jam-packed, we were jumping from venue to venue ensuring that everything was perfect and running smoothly. On top of it all I was still pretty new at the time so there was definitely a learning curve. Of course in the end, all of the productions were beautiful and I was really proud that I was able to execute at the level that I did.

What’s your favorite thing about HMR?

I love that every day is different, it’s so fun to see the creative minds at work here. Especially because I come from a logistics background where most of my time was spent behind a computer with very cut and dry objectives. Here, though, everything is so visual and collaborative. I get to work with a lot of different departments and see how our designers dream up new concepts, it’s really exciting to witness first-hand. And I love that I get to be a part of it.  

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned at HMR?

To over communicate. To everyone. About everything. The smallest details are sometimes the most important, and in this industry there are a lot of last minute changes.  You can’t be afraid to ask questions, in fact you should over-ask.

image1 (2)
The view from Caroline’s backyard at her Lakehouse, her favorite place in the world.

What’s your personal design style?

I like clean lines and simplistic palettes with bold statements. Adding striking accents to an otherwise quiet space is the way to go.

What’s the first thing you do when you get home after a long day of work?

I’d love to say I go work out and do productive things but honestly I pour myself a glass of red wine and listen to music. I do try to go to yoga a few days a week, usually before I get home because once I’m there… I’m probably not leaving.

It’s Saturday night, you’re not working on an event, what are you doing?

I would most likely be with my friends around Old Town and Lincoln Park. I live close so the bars and restaurants are walkable, and there’s always something going on around there. That, or spending time with my family.

Where was your last vacation?

I flew into San Francisco and drove down the coast into Los Angeles. It was awesome. I had been to California before but I’d never seen Big Sur, Monterey, or any of the northern coastal towns. Everything was absolutely beautiful. 

What’s your worst habit?

Taking on too much and thinking I can get it all done. I have to work on being more grounded with my expectations to actually complete my goals and tasks.  Even on a personal level, too. I’m unrealistic about my time, I’ve got to work on saying no.

What’s your favorite book?

I’ve really enjoyed books by Kristin Hannah. She blends history with love stories and always has strong female characters. I just read “The Nightingale,” a novel based in a small French town during World War II. All of her books are very interesting, it gives you a different, albeit fictional, perspective on an actual time in history.

What’s the last band or artist you saw live?

I saw two shows recently, Alesso and Jack White both at the Aragon.

What’s on your Netflix List?

I usually watch Game of Thrones, True Blood… those kinds of shows. Though I just started watching Grey’s Anatomy for the first time. I’m normally not into that genre but I have to admit Grey’s is pretty spicy and fun.

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had?  

This small little french bistro up by my lake house in Northern Michigan. I had the special which was a white fish caught that day. It was perfect.

Do you have a favorite quote or motto?

What you put out into the world is what you get back.

Pick three words your friends would use to describe you:

Extrovert, caring and positive.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Oh dear, I have no idea. I hope I’m happy though! Ideally at my Lakehouse with my family and a glass of wine.