Preserving Normality in the Era of Social Distancing

The current health climate has brought us a time of uncertainty that has been felt by nearly every industry and every person within it. More so, it’s upended routines and put everyday life on hold while we adjust to an environment with Shelter-In-Place orders and social distancing standards. And while everyone certainly has a different take on their own constrained quarters, one thing remains clear: we’re all working with what we have to preserve normality the best we can.

In the spirit of this common connection, we decided to ask a handful of our team members to share how they’re maintaining peace in varying aspects of their lives. From fitness and mental stimulation to creative outlets and personal time, everyone had a remedy to their confinement. Read on to hear what they’ve been up to and how they’ve made the best of our new conditions.

Nick F., Event Producer

Fitness & Health: “I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation through a guided meditation app to remain sane during this wild time.”

Creative Outlet: “I’ve been getting creative with photoshop lately, which has been a fun outlet to break up some of the monotony of living indoors.”

Personal Time: “We’re at my boyfriend’s lake house, so I’ve been enjoying some time on the water and relaxing in the warm weather.”

Mental Stimulation: “Lately, I’ve been challenging myself with cooking extravagant and difficult meals that I’ve never had the time or patience to do before!”

And One More Thing: “I’ve been catching up on all of the Netflix shows I’ve never had time for!”


Larissa, Weekly Floral Design Manager

Fitness & Health: “I’ve been using our rooftop home gym.”

Creative Outlet: “Watercoloring!”

Personal Time: “Reading books. My new favorite is ‘American Dirt,‘ by Jeanine Cummins.

Mental Stimulation: “Nature! Taking long hikes with the dogs.”

And One More Thing: “I’ve been planting from seeds in grow tents since we are still in frost mode at night.”


Rishi, CEO

Fitness & Health: “I’ve been cycling on my Peloton daily. Glad it’s finally coming into
use! Cody Rigsby is the most fun and has the best jams!” 

Creative Outlet: “Having the time to cook again. I’ve always been infatuated with the way flavor profiles change from region to region throughout the world. If I wasn’t a designer, I’d most certainly want to go to culinary school.”

Personal Time: “Catching up on TV- finally.  After the kiddos are asleep, I’ve enjoyed watching Ozark, Tiger King, and Schitt’s Creek is so far my favorite!”

Mental Stimulation: “Learning how to finally take my sketching skills to the next level on my iPad.  I’ve always wanted to take classes and watch tutorials to learn how to do it better, and now I finally have been able to! I guess I can thank Covid for that?”

And One More Thing: “I am promising myself never to take any small gathering, meeting, face-to-face convo, hug, time with family or friends for granted – EVER again!!!”


Natalie, Event Designer

Fitness & Health: “Running around the house all day after my five year old! We’re also taking a lot of walks around our block or the local forest preserve when we can.”

Creative Outlet: “Cooking! I love food so much and have missed cooking for my family, which I don’t often have time to do with my busy working mom schedule. I’ve expanded my repertoire and have practiced following a complete recipe through and through. I’ve even focused on how I plate my food!”

Personal Time: “Personal time has been virtually non-existent really, but I have taken a few sanity drives to take in some Spring scenery. I’ve also enjoyed some laugh-filled calls and facetime chats with girlfriends over vino.”

Mental Stimulation:“Ha! Never short on mental stimulation over here! Entertaining and keeping up with my clients’ design plans has kept my mind busy around the clock.”

And One More Thing: “I’ve dipped my toe into the art of balloon animals for my son’s virtual birthday party, which will NOT be my future. I’ve been trying to draw a lot more, as I’ve needed to get creative for clients, and I look forward to continuing to fine tune my art school skills. I’ve also been singing jingles, and cheering and playing the tambourine for first responders from our terrace nightly, and have recently taken it to the sidewalk as I follow my son who has become a “marching band drummer” in the past week.”


Caroline, Event Producer

Fitness & Health: “I’ve been doing daily yoga every morning on YouTube, ‘Yoga with Adriene.’ It helps me get my mind set for the day. Plus a daily walk with my mom.”

Creative Outlet: “Cooking! I’ve been trying out new vegan and healthier recipes so that I’m not tempted during this time inside.”

Personal Time: “Paint by numbers, reading ‘Where the Crawdads Sing,’ and playing Gin with my mom.”

Mental Stimulation: “I now have a new found passion for crossword puzzles. I try to do one each day.”

And One More Thing: “On my walk each day I try to take a picture of something pretty outside that inspires me (mostly flowers). I miss seeing all the beautiful florals at work each day.”


Jen, Assistant Floral Studio Manager

Health & Fitness:  “I am literally chasing two toddlers around the house for 12 hours a day. I burn more calories than a hardcore Zumba class.”

Creative Outlet: “Having to keep my kids entertained throughout this has allowed my to push my creative boundaries. I’ve dabbled in everything from popsicle stick characters to obstacle courses and long walks around the neighborhood.”

Personal Time: “I have little to none but when the kids are in bed, I get peace and quiet.  My husband ends his night with a movie or work out and I end mine folding laundry with a whiskey. Everyone gets something they want.”

Mental Stimulation: “I have to be fully functional to keep the kiddos going so I have to say I cannot wait to ‘un-stimulate’ my brain at the end of each day.”

And One More Thing: “I’m a dancer so I have been starting to do some movement phrases by candlelight when I have the time.”


Chris, Sales Production Manager

Fitness & Health: “I keep a clipboard with daily workout exercises planned out for 30 days out… though I might be ruining it all with too may cookies and candy.”

Creative Outlet: “Humor! Making jokes and sharing memes with friends.”

Personal Time: “I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube live music performances and drag queens on Instagram Live.”

Mental Stimulation: “I’m always mentally stimulated though working in this environment has been a new challenge.”

And One More Thing: “This time has allowed me to make progress on all of those back-burner chores.”