Roots of Love


Valentine’s Day has long been a day to feel guilty for not giving gifts of love or to accentuate the fact that you’re single. The reactionary response for many? Boycott the holiday, and any associated gestures, altogether.
Roses in the floral studio

In reality, nearly everything has been made into an industry, even–perhaps especially–love. And while there is little we can do to change this, it doesn’t hurt to remember that at the root of the holiday, no matter how commercial, there is still something to celebrate– something plain and unambiguous, like togetherness, romance, friendship, or love. Where would we be without these things, after all?

This is, of course, a friendly reminder to call us and let us design a gorgeous bouquet for someone you love.
But it’s also a reminder to do it with love.

Think about why you are glad to have someone, and remember that flowers–along with a few kind words–plainly and unambiguously make people happy.
That is why you send them; not because commercial culture tells you to.

So take in this sampling of our offerings, and then call us today. Celebrate love.

Valentine's Day floral by HMR Designs
For many, lush ruby tones and bold blushes are the quintessential hues of romance.
Valentine's Day floral by HMR Designs
Fabulous colors go a long way, and interspersed with textures add depth.
Valentine's Day floral by HMR Designs
Deviate delightfully from the standard with crimson calla lilies or orchids.
Valentine's Day floral by HMR Designs
Strange love: Protea is as unique as your love.
Valentine's Day floral by HMR Designs
Tired of red and pink? Bright spring colors can warm your Valentine in the mid-February cold.
Valentine's Day floral by HMR Designs
A bold color variety can be the perfect choice for a less romantic Valentine’s gift.
Succulents at HMR Designs
Keep the love alive: succulents are a simple, unadorned and long lasting alternative to a floral arrangement.
Succulents at HMR Designs
Flowers aren’t for everyone, but who doesn’t like a little life for their desk or workspace?

On behalf of all of us at HMR Designs, we wish you love.