Spectacular From Scratch

After the lights are dimmed, the candles are lit, and the myriad of final adjustments are made, our weddings and parties emerge into view as effortless and beautiful entities, almost as if they were an inherent part of the spaces they so fleetingly occupy.

In truth, these events–unbelievable in their scope and unmatched in their beauty and originality– disappear almost as quickly and effortlessly as they emerged, leaving a blank slate for the next. And perhaps it is this ephemeral quality that makes them all the more memorable.

Everyone involved knows that these finished products are culminations of months–sometimes years– of dreaming, brainstorming, modifying, and refusing to settle for anything short of the original vision. Every member of our team, from the first meeting to the installation, takes pride in each step of the process so that we can take pride in the final product, too. And we do.

This might be why it seems that there cannot be enough shots taken or enough angles captured–as everyone involved knows that nothing quite like that will ever happen again.

So we have our photographs: to remember, to tout, and to share, and this week, let’s celebrate the temporary metamorphoses that we work so hard to create by comparing them to the blank canvases. After all, what fun it is to see just how spectacular the transformation of a space can be.

Let’s begin with some of our favorite spaces.

Union Station: The Great Hall
Cocktail hour in a custom lounge beneath the sprawling ceiling, drenched in color, has never been more fun.


Trump International Hotel and Tower: The Grand Ballroom
With stunning views of our gorgeous city as a backdrop, this sleek room is a delight for our designers to adorn.


Radisson Blu Aqua: The Atlantic Ballroom
This posh, expansive space offers endless possibilities for inspired design.

Photos courtesy of Fandl Photography

Navy Pier: The Grand Ballroom
With the right combination of light, color, and texture, the transformation of this room can be nothing short of breathtaking.

Photo courtesy of Jai Girard Photography.

Sometimes, bringing the space itself can be just as fun. Tented events offer the ultimate blank canvass.

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 11.16.33 AM

L to R: A tented event at the MCA Chicago boasts a custom ceiling made of crinkled cellophane; it was easy to forget that this gorgeous, lantern-adorned reception on Northerly Island was not in a permanent structure. Photo courtesy of Fandl Photography.
L to R: A stylish tented reception at the Lake Geneva Country Club combines rusticity with posh, classic details; a tent outside the Harris Theater bursts with originality and fresh, citrus inspired color. Photos courtesy of Kent Drake Photography.

From vast, historic train stations to tents as temporary as our parties themselves, the challenge of building spectacular from scratch is always a welcome one, and seeing the final product will never grow tiresome.