Spring to Mind

While we Chicagoans might privately scowl down at our salt-blasted snow boots and wearily drag a shovel along our path, February begins springtime in the world of flowers. And while this fact doesn’t change the temperature around us, it might help our mindset to know that as we scrape ice from our windshields, bulbs, branches and buds are surfacing, sprouting and blossoming, bringing with them the promise of our own impending spring.

Warm up with a glimpse of some of the floral we can expect in the coming weeks:


Hello (again), Old Friends

Fabulously complex and also wonderfully simple, the beauty of flowers does not get old. We always welcome the return of these harbingers of spring with open arms:

Fabulously fragrant, hyacinths (top) and lilacs (below) fill the air with spring:
Hyacinth bulbs in the HMR Designs Studio
Lilac flowers

Intricate and layered, ranunculus will keep your mind off of the doldrums of winter:

Ranunculus flowers in the HMR Designs studio

Classic, colorful, and crisp, tulips seem to scream spring:
Tulips of all colors in the HMR Designs studio

Breaking New Ground

Indeed, it takes all kinds. Allow us to introduce some less familiar, equally gorgeous varieties that will surely tide you over til spring:

Not just sea creatures. Get to know the bold and boisterous anemone:
Gorgeous anemones in the HMR Designs Studio

Subtle and spectacular: the delightful helleborus is sure to lift your spirits:
Helleborus flowers in the HMR Designs studioThe grape beyond: the joyful and colorful muscari flower:
Muscari flowersBreath of fresh air: fritillaria is anything but your garden variety:
Fritillaria flowersSunshine, daydream: Narcissus will brighten any and every cold day:
Narcissus flowers

Flowers might not be able to melt snow or quell the gusty winds of Chicago, but they can do wonders to your mood and mindset. Give us a call today and let us put together your own personal dose of warmth.

Thanks to Jen Demuth and Michael Martin for their contributions, and to flowers for helping us through these last few months of winter.

Jen Demuth, Daily Floral Designer: jenniferd@hmrdesigns.com
773.782.0800 x 304