Kiera Lau

Event Producer

Though she’s spent most of her career in the corporate world, Kiera has always had an interest in the event industry dating back to her time in college where she worked for the Humane Society. After graduation, the move back to Chicago for this suburban native was a natural transition; the allure of the city’s culture and close family was too good to resist. With a background in marketing Kiera soon found her way to HMR where she produces a range of events for both wedding and corporate clientele. The diversity makes for a fast-paced schedule with no day ever the same as the last.

Why do you enjoy what you do?

I love the variety working in both corporate and social events. Each production is so unique, but all have that flawless HMR touch.

What makes you smile?

Taking in the beauty of each event after all of the candles have been lit, it’s truly the icing on the cake.

What’s your favorite flower?

I love ranunculus and peonies, but my absolute favorite has to be the classic long-stemmed red roses.