Larissa Schroeder

Weekly Floral Design Manager

Larissa Schroeder began work in floral design young, blissfully getting her start at the age of twenty. A graduate of Harrington College of Design, Larissa has collaborated closely with marvelous mentors such as Jeff Leatham on Oprah and Max Vande Sluis with Life 3, taking away from each a unique European-infused aesthetic. She designs with a genuine curiosity for the Earth’s beauty and the energy of cityscapes, and incorporates the dynamic depth of both in her wonder-filled work. Larissa considers herself fortunate to have a career that she thoroughly loves and cherishes the joy and creative freedom she finds each day within the HMR Designs doors.

What’s your most memorable moment with HMR Design?The opening of Millenium Park.

How do you want to be remembered?As loved, lovely and loving.