Thanksgiving Centerpieces: A Feast For The Eyes
Photography by Cindy Fandl,


Thanksgiving, among other holidays, is right around the corner and what better way to dress up that turkey than with a little extra table-flare? Break out from the expected and add some fun to your dinner with a new take on the traditional Fall centerpiece.  Whether you’re building it yourself or just want some new ideas, we’ve got you covered. Jen Demuth, one of our most talented Floral Designers, has a wealth of ideas to share so we’ve asked for her tips and tricks that both botanical enthusiasts and novices alike can use this holiday season. From what trends she’s seeing this year to how you too can build your own centerpiece, Jen’s here to set you up for an eye-catching feast. Take a look below, and if you’ve got an HMR-inspired centerpiece (or if you’ve ordered one directly from us), tag us on Instagram so we can share!

What Fall trends are you seeing this season?

A return to the natural elements, “Hunter-Gatherer Chic,” if you will. One year it might be more glam, another year more rustic, but this season it’s really about elevating the colors we see in our own backyards. What’s even better, piling pine cones, gourds and leaves lends itself to making a quick and easy tablescape for those working last minute. Thanksgiving through the holiday season is really the easiest time of year to create fun decor accents yourself. And for floral, well, that’s why I’m here.

Oftentimes we see a lot of the same materials being used, how do you keep your designs fresh and innovative season after season?

Reinventing classic pieces is always a great way to achieve a new aesthetic. If you’re looking to glam up a gourd, use a metallic spray to add a little sparkle. Even pine cones can get that fresh, morning dew glow with a little glitter. And manipulating natural elements can be a great DIY project for those building their own pieces at home, too. I wouldn’t go so far as to dunk anything in paint, but adding a little twinkle always perks up a table.

What kind of approach do you take when creating centerpieces?

First I have to determine what kind of container, if any, should and could be used. And I do that by considering the space where the centerpiece is going. If it’s a coffee table, where room is limited, then I’m going to build out from a smaller container. If it’s dressing a full Thanksgiving table, then that’s where I can get creative with multiple pieces, even adding some fun accent elements. Once I’ve concluded the scope of my design, it’s just a matter of preferred style and constructing it from there.

For novices looking to create their own Fall centerpiece, where do you suggest that they start?  

Start with what you have. Big or small, whatever piece you’re looking to build, work within the space you want to display it. If you have planters, clay pots or terracottas, bring those inside and let them become part of your tablescape, fill them with twigs or branches that have fallen, nestle and pile seasonal elements together, it really does work. Another safe bet are candles. Get a bunch of them and fill any open spots on the table – everything looks better in candlelight! And then, of course, if you’re looking to add floral, call me.

Do you have any unconventional tips?

Yes! Use materials that won’t spoil over the season, magnolia tips and copper beech leaves dry really well and will keep their form throughout the holidays. The same goes for popular elements like pine cones, branches and gourds. But, that said, my other piece of advice is to toss everything once you’re done. Some people like to pack their piece away and bring it out the following year only to see that it’s disintegrated and faded. Don’t hold on to anything, switch it up every season! Desirable colors and themes change every year, your piece should too.

What’s a common mistake you see when beginners are attempting to build their own piece?

If it’s going on the dining room table you need to remember to size it correctly. So many people forget to leave room for all of the plateware, the wine glasses, and of course, the food! Always account for your space, and remember: sometimes less is more.

Pre-made craft store centerpieces are a popular option for those that are looking to cut corners. What are your thoughts on those? Do you think they’re a good starting point?

I think instead of buying something from a craft store, build around things you already have. I’m not a fan of mass-produced pieces, they look a little cheesy and you can create something just as easily at home. Grab glass jars or cups or whatever containers you have laying around and fill them up! You can use elements from your own backyard like tall branches or acorns, even run out and buy some monochromatic ornaments. It looks much more elegant and special when you put your own twist on things.

Lastly, what will be on your table this Fall?

I like to have an interactive piece, I work with so much floral every day that I often scale down my tablescape at home. I have an old wooden tool box, it’s small, and I fill it up with nuts and berries; just fun seasonal things. When it comes time to entertain I flush out the space with cheeses and fruit so guests can graze. It’s easy, festive and fun!

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