Thinking Outside of the Heart-Shaped Box

For many, a dozen or two red roses on Valentine’s Day are one of the dependable constants of life. For others, they are overly familiar and somewhat humdrum. Luckily for both camps, we’re impartial. Our floral designers are here to put together whatever stems you’d like to use to send your love.

If you’re itching to think a bit outside of the heart-shaped box this year, our team has some ideas for some beautiful alternatives to the classic Valentine’s Day standbys.

Stunning alternatives to the usual Valentine's Standbys from HMR Designs
Calla Lilies

calla lilies

Calla Lilies

Available in deep, rich tones, the Calla Lily is both sturdy and delicate; both straightforward and complex. Jen Demuth, our Daily Floral Designer, recommends a leaning mass of Callas for a sleek, modern arrangement for your darling.

calla lilies

Want to give your Valentine lots to smile about? Why not give him or her the promise of spring? Larissa Schroeder, our Weekly Floral Design Manager, is a huge proponent of Tulips. “They’re simple, bright, and filled with the anticipation of spring. Perfect for this time of year.”



What better time of year to transport yourself, even if only mentally, to the tropics? Tim Jung, our Art Department Manager, recommends Protea. “It’s bold, unique, and dries well–so it lasts a long time.” Truly distinct, Protea is sure to surprise and delight your better half.
Phalaenopsis Orchids

orchids at HMR Designs
Our Purchasing Manager, Amanda Filsinger suggests a vase of ever-alluring Phalaenopsis Orchids. Both classic and contemporary, these are truly fascinating flowers that your beloved will never tire of gazing at, and their clean, modern lines will enhance any space.

Phalaenopsis Orchid arrangements by HMR Designs

“But…I like roses,” you say? Perfect. So do we.
We’re surrounded by them every day, and never tire of them. We’d be delighted to help you with those, too.
roses at HMR Designs
Whichever flowers make your heart skip a beat, call us today, and make sure that your Valentine gets the love they deserve.


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