Using Our Gifts to Make Yours

Holiday floral by HMR DesignsAs we settle into November and take in the beauty of autumn–the season William Cullen Bryant described as, “the year’s last, loveliest smile,”–it’s hard not to feel the slight pulse of the holiday season quickening before us. While packed full of festivities and joy, the season of social merriment also calls for more offerings and more ornamentation than all of the other seasons combined. This can cause even the most seasoned veteran to fall into a bit of a frenzy.
In the hopes of maintaining originality and novelty in gift-giving and decorating, they sometimes work so hard to think outside of the box that they might overlook the time-tested, wildly versatile appeal of fresh floral and plants.

Autumn inspired floral by HMR DesignsWhether to showcase on your own holiday table, or as gifts for the ones you love, we can’t help but feel flowers are the perfect choice.
We caught up with our floral studio manager, Rick Wroble to find out why our floral reigns supreme in a way you might not have considered for this year’s shopping list: as gifts.
Rick Wroble

Everyone responds to nature in a positive way. Perhaps that is why there are no occasions where floral is considered inappropriate. They are sent for birth, death, every single celebratory milestone, and are often most appreciated when they arrive for absolutely no reason at all. “Regardless of age or even gender, fresh flowers always make people’s eyes light up,” observes Rick. “I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t enjoy flowers.”
Autumn inspired floral design by HMR Designs


The daily floral portion of our business benefits from being housed within a world-class event design firm. Our designers always have their hand on the pulse of the design world, for one, but the largest perk is the access we have to such a wide variety of the freshest product through every season, including rare, unique and newly arrived floral and plants. “We have the ability to get product from all over the world,” says Rick. “Not everyone is as lucky as we are to see this product every day, so it makes a great, unique gift.”

Below: scroll through the slideshow for a sampling of our unique, fresh floral product. (All photos taken in our studio.)

Like our product, the experience of ordering our floral is also unique. Everything is literally custom made to order. “I don’t think a lot of our clients realize that we have professionals in-house specifically to provide this service,” says Rick of retail orders.

Jen Demuth leads the daily gifting line along with a fabulous team who can readily jump off of any cue and skillfully interpret any lead. “Give us a word, an occasion, a color palette of someone’s home,” says Jen, “and we’ll create something wonderful.”


Gorgeous floral for delivery in Chicago by HMR Designs
Unique floral delivery in Chicago by HMR Designs



Indeed, like our events, you’ll find no pre-made packages here. But sometimes, great gifts come in non-packages. So, if you’re feeling engulfed by the wave of the season: breathe, call Jen today, and let her use her gifts to make yours.

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Our Floral is perfect to…

  • Offer end of year thanks for teachers, administrative colleagues, employees and clients
  • Reward your sales team for reaching their annual goals
  • Decorate your Thanksgiving / Holiday table
  • Give to the person who has it all


Thanks to Jen, Rick, and Larissa Schroeder for their contributions, and for all the wonderful things they do with flowers.