Valentine’s Variations

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, many of us might be surprised to find that we’re purists. We might toy with the idea of sending a bold yellow bouquet or potted cactus, but when we get right down to it, reds, pinks and whites are the colors we confidently choose to speak the language of love. We can’t help it after all, our society has taught us that just as blue means boy, red means love. Even when we’re offering a non-romantic gift to a platonic pal or endeared relative, we still want it known that love–whatever kind it might be–is the motivation.
red-flowers-for-valentines-day-by-hmr-designsAnd maybe this is ok. In life, concepts are often complicated, areas are often grey, and words often take on new meanings. Simplicity and clarity can sometimes be at a premium. How refreshing, then, to be able to send beautiful things that you know will effortlessly and unambiguously share the message you intend.

There are, however, some slight variations on the typical Valentine’s Day standbys that will add a little spice to your sweet gesture…while still preserving the sanctity of your message.



There are literally thousands of varieties of roses, each waiting to wow you and your loved ones. Mix it up by choosing something new from your plethora of options:

Super Nova and red spray roses pack a truly delightful punch:
red-and-pink-spray-roses-hmr-designsOr there are Garden Roses, known for their sweet fragrance and layered loveliness:

Unique and intriguing, the striped Pink Intuition is yet another fun deviation from the norm:
If traditional red roses still strike your fancy, we’re not mad at you. We like to offset the tidy, orderly nature of a bunch by pairing them with additional stems, such as the gorgeous Amaryllis flower, which is in full bloom in winter:

amaryllis-and-red-roses-for-valentines-day…or berries (such as Hypericum, pictured below) which add texture and depth:

If you’ve had your fill of roses, there are ample alternatives available in the celebrated colors of love that are sure to win hearts. Ranunculus in pinks and white are a beautifully feminine, delicate choice:


Dahlias and Tulips are also guaranteed winners, sure to brighten anyone’s day:
bright-valentines-day-flowers-by-hmr-designsIntricate and available in seemingly endless varieties, Orchids are always a crowd-pleaser:


For the flower-wary loved one, succulents are low-maintenance and long-lasting (and can be easily “Valentined” with a red container and card):


If you want to wow your Valentine with something really unique, put our designers to the test and, well, simply let them do their thing. We’re certain they will pass with flying colors. This is what we do, after all (lucky us!).
Whichever blooms you choose, remember that flowers, quite simply, are a joy to behold.
If only everything could be so simple.
Thanks for joining us. Now call us today for your Valentine’s Day gifts.

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Special thanks to Jen DeMuth, Larissa Schroeder, Amanda Filsinger and Sean McMahan for their contributions to this post.