Well, Red

Suggestively Festive Colors Bring a Momentous Birthday to Life

In the design world, we are regularly reminded that styles which might sound contradictory often come together quite beautifully. So, to kick off the holiday season, we’re sharing a milestone birthday celebration designed by Jessica Griffin Pfluegl that not only gets us in the spirit of the season, but also shows us that sophistication can be sprightly, and that elegance can be bold.

Architecturally-inspired by the location–the historic Palmolive Building here in Chicago–Jessica let an Art Deco approach steer the design, working beside BBJ Linen and Hall’s Rentals to achieve the fabulous look. Indeed, this sanguine-hued affair exudes warm, stylish elegance.
The Palmolive Building houses an Art Deco-inspired celebration by HMR DesignsGuests were greeted by a large silver and white statement piece of sculpted palm, open cut calla lilies and white phalaenopsis orchids.

A chic place card piece with lilies, orchids, and palms by HMR Designs
Grey Zecora linens were incorporated to soften the palette–rich with rubies and black–while still allowing the crimson accents to ‘pop.’
Art Deco inspired celebration by HMR Designs
Red, black, gold and grey Art Deco tabletop by HMR DesignsTouches of gold came from the china and the votives, and black and red place settings surrounded mono-botanic, leaning bouquets of calla lilies, Azakoff orchids and red amaryllis.
Red, black and gold place setting by Hall's, BBJ, and HMR Designs
Leaning mono-botanic bouquets by HMR Designs

Art Deco Inspired Design by HMR Designs

The guests (and guest of honor) adored the design and had a delightful time. Favors included miniature white phalaenopsis plants upon departure, keepsakes of a wonderfully chic evening.

Special thanks to Jessica, Halls Rental, BBJ Linen and the beautiful Beacon Club. Oh what fun it is to throw parties.