All White Thanksgiving Table Decor

There’s no denying that Thanksgiving is an aesthetically pleasing feast. Flavor aside, perhaps one of the best things about this mid-autumn feast is the color palette it naturally provides. What other meal offers up burgundies, cranberries, chestnuts, aubergines and oranges?

The colors of the delicious fare most certainly mirror the beauty of the season.

Intergeneric Orchid Plants exude the hues of autumn.

With such striking colors coming from the culinary elements, it seems only natural to consider a more neutral approach to decor. Like, for example, an all white ensemble.


How un-autumnal, you might be thinking? But also, how intriguing…and definitely how unexpected.


Luckily, our imaginative floral design team was up to the task of bringing this seemingly anomalous autumnal table to life. The result? A soft, muted and wonderfully inviting expanse to share a meal. See for yourselves:

all-white-thanksgiving-table-by-hmr-designsMonofloral bunches of Freesia, Cyclamen, Sweet Pea, Anemone, Stock, Lilac and White Heart Double Tulips accompanied white pie pumpkins, gourds, and wooden candlesticks.
neutral-decor-thanksgiving-table-ideas-by-hmr-designs-header freesia-and-white-pumpkins-on-a-thanksgiving-table-by-hmr-designsBBJ‘s Gold Alkaline Linen and Classic Hemstitch napkins in Ivory completed the look:

Varying heights added texture and depth to the table:
white-details-for-thanksgiving-table-by-hmr-designswhite-and-neutral-thanksgiving-table-by-hmr-designsdetails-all-white-thanksgiving-table-by-hmr-designs-chicagowhite-thanksgiving-table-by-hmr-designs-candlelight-nightThe takeaway? Adjusting different elements of your decor can allow others to shine. This soft and neutral look makes the perfect backdrop for the rich, inviting hues of the meal.

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to this post:


Event Designer Jessica Pfluegl

Artful Execution:
Our Resident Floral Design Team
Kyle Hustedt, Floral Buyer
Gustavo Villegas and Leo Duque from our mock-up team

Thanks to BBJ Linens.

All of us at HMR Designs encourage you to create a Thanksgiving table as beautiful as the holiday itself.