Every Man to His Taste: Masculine Plants & Flowers for Father’s Day

When it comes to Father’s Day gifts, it may not be our first thought to explore the option of plants and flowers. But to write off botanicals as gender-specific or more appreciated by women is surely a mistake. Just as there are many kinds of dads, so too are there many kinds of plants and flowers that would make delightful gifts for them.

Dad has enough ties. Perhaps he’d like a cactus instead.


We checked in with floral designers Larissa Schroeder and Jen DeMuth for some ideas on more manly florals for Father’s Day.

succulents-and-moss for father's dayCharming and understated, long-lasting and low maintenance, succulents are simply an excellent option for dad. Their versatility allows them to stand alone, or they can lend texture and depth to a mixed arrangement.

Succulents come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, including tree-form for a self-propogating option.

Photo by Fandl Photography for HMR



A member of the succulent family, these miniatures grow like a carpet of tiny trees. Perfect inside or out, sedum can be transferred to the ground by the gardening dad, or enjoyed from a container.

Sedum Tiles


Available in more rustic palettes such as reds, browns and golden tones, Catante Orchids are a fabulous option for a relatively low maintenance blooming plant for pops.

Catante Orchids

Requiring low water and diffused light, these are another long-lasting option that dad can enjoy for weeks to come. More of a specialty item, give us a bit of notice while ordering these beauties.

For a bit more color and a tropical touch, Bromeliad plants are a long-lasting, gorgeous flowering plant. Equipped with a small “cup” at the base of their leaves, the plant stores water and drinks it as needed.

Bromeliad Plants

Available in true browns and deep purples, Fiddlehead Ferns are a wonderfully versatile option for a more masculine gift.

Fiddlehead Ferns

fiddlehead-ferns for fathers day giftsFrom modern to whimsical to classic English Garden, these curvaceous stems go wonderfully with everything, and are also a lot of fun.
fiddlehead-fern-arrangement-by-hmr-designsFor a slightly more exotic option, consider bold and spiky Pincushion Protea. These incredibly compelling stems are sure to be a welcome addition to dad’s desk or personal space.

Pincushion Protea


For a more modern look, Anthurium comes in a variety of beautiful colors and textures.


These large, colorful beauties pair wonderfully with rolled flax leaf, or each can stand alone in a large mass for a sleek, unique look. Perfect for the minimalist.anthurium-flowers-for-father'd-day-gifts

Rolled flax leaf

The takeaway? As you are thinking about gifts for dear old dad, give flowers and plants a second thought. Perhaps the most beautiful thing about them is just how universally enjoyed they are.
succulent up close at hmr designs
Call us today and let us help you put together something your dad can enjoy for weeks or months to come!

Special thanks to Larissa and Jen for lending their expertise. Happy Father’s Day!